Thursday, 18 October 2012

Day 15

Present location: Singapore
Running Distance Covered: 2,117.4kms

12:30pm     Flat tire.... Both tires at the some time!!!

5:00pm... Back tire leaking.....need to pump air every half an hour ...

6:45pm Thai time....... I am in Singapore!!! As usual, got lost again. Jyotiriishvar picked me up at Braddell road.... Ahhhh, it's so surreal, and a big relief as my back tire is leaking air more faster.

To The Supporters of this event....

Thank you so much for helping raise funds for the university school tuition fees of the children. As i have mentioned before; empowering children through education is lasting and best gift you can offer them... Thank you so much...

For sending donation or needing more information about Baan Dada Children' Home and Community Services please visit the web site:


To My Dearest Children...
All the pains, all the hardship and troubles that went into this solo cycling for education is nothing because you are all worth it... and i love you all so much!

Richard (dada)

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